Welcome to Pastel Software Zimbabwe

Pastel’s range of accounting software ensures that, from start-up to medium size enterprises, through to large operations, your business software will sustain and support continued growth. You can be secure in the knowledge that, as your business grows and requirements change, you can upgrade to a product in the Pastel range that best suits your needs.
Sage Pastel Product Overview

Sage Pastel's range of accounting, payroll and value-added business software products are suitable for all types of small and medium size (SME) businesses. Sage Pastel is the SME market leader in South Africa and its software products are used by more than 180 000 companies operating in Africa, Europe, the UK , Australia and Asia. Zimbabwe alone has around 10 000 users.
The Sage Pastel product range provides flexible and feature-rich accounting and business management software solutions. From small, single user start-up operations right through to larger entities with multiple companies and several hundred concurrent users, Sage Pastel has the right-sized solution for your business. In addition, the accounting software range includes a number of add-on modules addressing the specific requirements of businesses in vertical industries. Our customers are assured of fit-for-purpose software solutions that best meet the needs of their business as well as clear upgrade paths to ensure that business growth will never be hampered by the accounting software system.